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Modern Jive & West Coast Swing

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Modern Jive (MJ) is a 2 step ’street style’ partner dance that is done to music straight from the charts and is perfect for everyday people just like you! Incorporating lead and follow fundamentals, this style is known for its exciting and energetic movements and looks great whether you’re clubbing, strutting your stuff or dancing at a friend’s wedding or party!

West Coast Swing (WCS) is a smooth modern style of partner dance that incorporates technique and musical interpretation and is danced to Blues, R&B, Hip Hop and the latest top 40. Known for allowing both partners to improvise steps while dancing together, WCS has been enjoyed by dancers for many years all over the world and is a growing community right here in Australia.

These sensational dance styles are right here on the Gold Coast - for your fun, fitness and friendship!

Like us on FACEBOOK and check out the FB page to see snippets of our weekly Intermediate lessons to get an idea of what you will learn.   We cater to everyone from first timers to competition level dancers.

Group classes have been designed to get you dancing in the quickest possible way with confidence and a sense of adventure.  Private lessons are also available.

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Who is Le Step?

Le Step is one of the leading forces behind the Modern Jive scene in Queensland.  In 1994, Mick French began teaching classes under the company name Le Step.  Now, some 20 years later, it’s a household name to Modern Jive dancers across the Nation.

In 2004, the founders of Le Step on the Coast, Allan & Holly Skinner, and Emma & Kent Willis quickly made a name for themselves in their own right by bringing some of the most innovative moves and styling to the dance form.

Now, Emma is the sole director of Le Step on the Coast and is determined to keep the “modern” in Modern Jive.  Renowned for her ability to bring out the best in dancers, she coaches, teaches, choreographs and performs some of the most exciting stuff in the current MJ scene with her partners Matthew Fairburn and Zac Skinner.

After teaching West Coast Swing in Brisbane since 2009, Emma now offers WCS classes right here on the Gold Coast under Le Step on the Coast.  Her goal is to ensure that all her dancers are exposed to the 2 styles as she endeavors to bring the joy of dance to all she meets.

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What are the classes like?


Dancing is good for the soul & keeps you laughing.   Our classes attract all ages and doesn’t discriminate.   Classes provide a good, clean environment for you to mingle and maintain your sense of humor.


Dancing is about people.  Our classes draw those who share an interest in music and enjoying themselves.  Our classes draw all ages and demographics.  Meet new people every week and make friends for life.


If going off to the gym each week is tiresome, why not go out to have fun socially and get fit while you’re doing it.  After dancing for 3 hours & still wanting more, of course you’re going to feel better for it.  Let’s face it - it’s the best contact sport you’ll ever play.

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Teens dance or free!

Children over the age of 13 are welcome and encouraged to come along and participate and because we are excited to have our future leaders learn this life skill. *must be attending school to obtain free entry*

Our policy for children over 13 attending classes…Persons between the ages of 13 and 18 (and their parent/guardian) must clearly identify themselves to the Door Staff and the Le Step Venue Manager. Children aged between 13 to 15 are welcome with parental/legal guardian supervision. Children over 16 may attend classes without the supervision of a parent/legal guardian.

According to Queensland law, our Teachers and Crew are have Blue Cards which means they have had background checks and have been cleared to work with people under the age of eighteen.

The parent/legal gaurdian may be asked to complete the Under 18s Disclaimer Form at class.  Door Staff may check by phone with your parent/guardian before access to the venue is granted where any concern may arise. Alternatively, bring your parent/guardian to the venue and they can sign in person for you.

Meet your teachers

Our main teachers include Emma, Matt & Zac and we  also have regular teaching spots for newcomers to the teaching spotlight.  One of these people will be your main teacher for the evening and will be supported by the Le Step on the Coast crew who are there to ensure you have a great night.

These self confessed dance addicts provide a range of things from demonstrating, to teaching various levels, dancing with you and answering your enquiries.  Without them, the classes wouldn’t have the positive vibe that exists at all our venues.

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Meet the crew

Le Step on the Coast - Crew PhotoOur crew of about 20 is made up of an assortment of people who love to dance and are there to make your dancing nights as enjoyable as possible. We have some who are dedicated to teaching you the basics and those who are there to challenge you.

They’re not all teachers either.  Some will work on the door so they’ll greet you when you arrive.  Others demonstrate or provide general assistance but most of all they will all get you up to dance and provide you with encouragement when you need it.

Come to class and meet them!